Does this resonate with you?


We asked all of the agents in our two offices to give us a short testimonial as to why they like our company. No guidelines, just speak what is true to them. What we got was a surprise, though it probably shouldn’t have been.  Very little was said about the tools (though we have great tools), technology (our’s can’t be beat), nothing about splits (though we offer great splits) … it’s, well read for yourself :

  • “My particular office of Windermere Bay Area Properties is where I feel most at home … I choose to work where I do because I love the collaboration, cooperation, and the camaraderie [and] that the brokers and agents share openly and always. it’s a wonderful place to work” – Peter Fletcher, Broker
  • “Windermere Bay Area Properties is exactly the kind of brokerage I was looking for when I needed to make a change. It offers everything an agent could need in terms of personal support, while also offering extensive marketing exposure. Most important is the unique company culture, creating a feeling of community, both among the agents, and within our neighborhoods. It is the perfect fit for me.” – Kathy Ratto, Realtor
  • more to follow …

If you can’t say something like this about where you are working then perhaps we should talk soon.  Reach out to us today, so that if it is the right fit for all of us, you can make the change before all those fees hit from your existing broker. Call / text us at 925-408-0037.