An Offer to Meet

Good morning … very briefly,  Here is a quick “conversation starter” …


You will be inundated with calls and emails.  As an agent for over 40 years I thought I had seen it all… apparently not.  But as you come out of your flashy presentation assuring you that everything will be alright … and just let the dust settle.  Well, when the dust settles a lot will change, and not all of it will be good for you or your clients or the industry.


I know they have said “no changes for 4 years” … and no one that I know of has gotten an offer that extends beyond 4 years.  But what are their long term plans?  And do you really want to be a part of that?


The challenge with any company intent on massive growth is that the focus is and always will be on that company and what you can do for them.  And in our opinion that is exactly backwards.  Here at Windermere Bay Area Properties it’s all about how we … you and us … can work collaboratively to reach your goals and aspirations more effectively.  Only by supporting you in achieving those goals will we achieve ours.  It’s a team effort.


We are a family owned company and part of a family owned franchise organization … and we are not for sale.  We are expanding in Walnut Creek


Again, here is a quick “conversation starter” …


We’d like to talk to you … before the dust settles …


Windermere Bay Area Properties

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