We are the UN-COMPASS company – A Conversation Starter

Chris and I own Windermere Bay Area Properties in the San Francisco East Bay.  We are expanding our footprint to neighboring communities and recent events helped to clarify who we are, what we stand for, how our culture thrives … and also what we aren’t. We are not a data company. We are a real estate company. We help people buy and sell homes, mostly their biggest investment ever. Everyone in our company does it really well and we are looking for other Realtors with the same mindset who don’t see their clients as data to be compiled and sold, but as people, and families with lives we can help improve.  In short, we are the UN-COMPASS company.



Our company is expanding into several Bay Area communities.   If you are a full time, productive agent in the Bay Area with a collaborative, positive mindset, then we would like to have a conversation with you.  These are our first thoughts on how our relationship with you and your team might work.  It is meant as a conversation starter.

We are the UN-COMPASS company

  • All your data remains yours and yours alone.
  • All your emails and CRM files remain yours and yours alone
  • All of your clients are yours and yours alone
  • If you ever leave, and we hope that never happens, all of your non-pending deals will be released to you, and the pending deals will be paid on your current commission structure at close of escrow
  • NO FEES BEYOND COMMISSION SPLIT – all are paid by Windermere Bay Area Properties
    • No E&O Fee
    • No Tech Fee
    • No Marketing Fee
    • No Doc Prep, Doc Storage, Doc Management, No Archival Fees
    • No Digital Lead Generation Fees
    • No CRM / Digital Drip System Fees
    • No Office Admin Fees
    • No Office Supply or Equipment Fees
    • No cost to you for In-house Transaction Management
    • No mandated third party vendors (like Title/Escrow, NHD, Warranty, Lender)
  • Basic Marketing Allowance / Closed Escrow provided
  • Our weekly office meetings are collaborative opportunities
  • We give back to the community through Foundation contributions and Community Service Day

Ask us about:

  • Marketing & Team Admin Reimbursement
  • Personal Project Matching Funds
  • Company Paid Annual All-inclusive Vacation
  • 5 year Package Value,
    • including splits, bonuses, stock options

For a confidential conversation to discuss your alternatives contact:

Windermere Bay Area Properties

Steve Curtis
Broker / Owner
Lic # 00350257
925-408-0037, Direct Personal Cell

Chris Curtis
Broker / Owner
Lic # 01393615
925-408-8902, Direct Personal Cell